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Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

Hormones play a vital function in the body, most having multiple functions. Hormones are responsible for maintaining, every body system. Major female hormones include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which must be in proper ratios to ensure appropriate functioning of body systems.

Not all treatments are the same, if you're taking hormones by mouth, you' re likely not on bio-identical therapy and could be putting yourself at risk for adverse disease such as blood clots, weight gain or cancer. 

Bio-identical hormones are precisely the same hormone in structure and activity that your body makes naturally. These hormones can be tailored, to meet your needs bring these levels back to the proper ratios your body needs. You can further explore each hormone and its function below.

The three hormones above are generally not static in the normal menstrual cycle. These hormones live in a state of constant flux, these changes throughout the month are more like a dance. Every change in the cycle is to accomplish one goal and that is ovulation and implantation of a fertilized egg. As the females start this journey, the amount of these powerful hormones can change but the pattern general remains, until menopause.

As these levels change throughout life, women may experience different symptoms at various stages of her cycle. For instance, one woman may have heavy prolonged bleeding, while another may only have small amounts of bleeding for only a few days. PMS usually starts a week before menstruation, common symptoms reported are bloating, sore breast, headache, acne, anxiety, mood changes, and food cravings. PMS to some degree is felt by most, but some women have more severe symptoms, that greatly affect their lives. With balancing these hormones, we can lessen some of these symptoms at each stage of life.

We also live in an environment that is full of toxins and estrogen mimickers (xenoestrogens) that can also play a role in the symptoms notes above. You will hear terms like estrogen dominance, PCOS, and adrenal fatigue, these conditions can also benefit from hormone treatment.   

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