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There are several ways to get lab work


  1. The easiest and fastest way to get labs is to do it on your own.

    • LabsMD gives you access to commonly prescribed medical lab tests, STD tests, and blood analyses.

      • This option is best for people with no health insurance, high deductible plans​ , or plans that do not cover labs well. These companies have negotiated prices with lab companies such as Quest and LabCorp to lower the cost of some of their labs, giving you the ability to order your own labs and save hundreds of dollars.

      • Another benefit with this method is at the time of your visit you'll bring your labs with you, and treatment can start that day if indicated.

  2. The other option is to order labs the conventional way in the office.

    • This option we would see you in the office first and order the labs during that visit. ​

      • This option is best for patients that have insurance that pays well for testing services or a deductable that has been met.​

        • Be careful with this option because if it turns out your insurance doesn't cover well or your deductable was not met you could be stuck paying the difference, this could add up to hundreds of dollars.  ​

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